London is one of those cities that we never get tired of. We love to shop in its cute little boutiques and walk across its streets. Let’s just say that is a city that has everything, where we can have a great time and never get bored. 

For those who are amazed about this special town and are always trying to find new places to go, I recommend you to take a look at this 7 restaurants! 

1) Jak’s 

The right place to start your Saturday night and the food literally melts in your mouth! It’s delicious!

2) Megan’s 

Megan’s quiches and salads are just the perfect choice for a chill lunchtime!


3) Flat Iron 

The steak at Flat Iron is simply great! Extraordinary steaks!

4) Hush 

The “Place to be” while you are in London! Ambiance will take your breath away!

5) Ivy Garden

What a gorgeous restaurant! Ideally to go with family and friends to enjoy a nice evening!

6) Bluebird

Nice, cosy and charming! A must in you list of local restaurants!


7) At the Jam

It’s worth a visit just to live the experience – it’s like eating in a treehouse!


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