NYC…the city of the street food ! The city where you’ll find good food sold in trucks !

Do not underestimate it; not because it is sold on the street, it means it’s trash food…Be careful, if you are too picky to eat on the street, you may miss one of the truth elements of the American gastronomy!

Here I post you a list of a top 7 truck food in the city!

1) Wafels & Dinges

A freshly made Belgian waffle with countless amounts of toppings….Yummy!

2) Taïm Falafel & Smoothie

Great falafels and super filling pitas! They say it’s the best falafel in NYC!

3) Uncle Gussy’s

One of the best food trucks in NY…Delicious food!


4) Nuchas

Amazing empanadas! Try the Argentina: Juicy ground beef with peppers & onions and potatoes on a crispy flakey crust!


5) El Rey del Taco

Best tacos and salted beef nachos in town…and not extra charges for additional toppings or extra guacamole/sour cream!


6) Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Super creamy, dense, and rich with outstanding flavors….Worth tasting!

7) Morris Grilled Cheese

This grilled cheese is awesome! So rich and gooey…


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