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Paris, Top 7 May 12, 2016

The 7 best Creperies in Paris

You are in Paris and you feel like eating a Crepe! But where do you go? There so many Crêperies all over the city that is hard to choose the best ones!
Here I post you a cool list of 7 amazing crêperies in Paris so you live the best Parisian experience while you eat the perfect crepe!

Madrid, Top 7 May 10, 2016

Best Rooftops in Madrid

I think we all agree to the fact that Rooftop are special. Yes , there are! They allow you to see the city from the sky, to see what happens underneath you. Check my list of best rooftops in Madrid!

London, Top 7 April 21, 2016

7 Good places in London

London is one of those cities that we never get tired of. For those who are amazed about this amazing city and are always trying to find new places to go, I recommend you to taste this 7 restaurants!

New York City, Top 7 April 21, 2016

Cool adresses in NYC

You are in NYC and you don’t feel like grabbing the typical greasy burger in a food truck! So where do you go? Do you feel like tasting something different and trying something new? Check this list!

Paris April 20, 2016

Gossip Girl Filming Locations in Paris

The first two chapters of the four season’s show were filmed in Paris and both Leighton Meester and Blake Lively traveled to the city to shoot the episodes. Discover the filming location of the show while the actresses were in town and the places they went to.