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Top 7 May 24, 2016

The 7 best paradises on Earth

To be on the beach, lying on the san, drinking a Mojito and feeling the sun tanning their skin.That’s what most people dream about… Here I propose you a top 7 paradise destinations that will definitely meet your expectations of a high quality relaxing vacation.

Top 7 May 17, 2016

The 7 weirdest kitkat taste

We all have eaten in our childhood the chocolate bar Kit Kat but did you know that in Japan there exist over 35 flavors if it? Yes, there are! As amazing it can be, the Japaneses like to mix the chocolate with fruits and flavors! Here I post you the top 7 Kit Kat tastes!

Paris, Top 7 May 12, 2016

The 7 best Creperies in Paris

You are in Paris and you feel like eating a Crepe! But where do you go? There so many Crêperies all over the city that is hard to choose the best ones!
Here I post you a cool list of 7 amazing crêperies in Paris so you live the best Parisian experience while you eat the perfect crepe!

Madrid, Top 7 May 10, 2016

Best Rooftops in Madrid

I think we all agree to the fact that Rooftop are special. Yes , there are! They allow you to see the city from the sky, to see what happens underneath you. Check my list of best rooftops in Madrid!