As I already said once… When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
This means enjoying the best spots of the Italian capital in a not-touristic way. So, what are Italians famous for? Their food! And to be more precise, for their abundant and flavorful aperitivo!

Don’t miss the chance to try the best restaurants in town and to taste the best dishes!

Here I post you a great selection of places for the aperitivo! Enjoy them!

1) Momart Cafe

Good quality food and a big choice of little snacks!

2) Meo Pinelli

This is the place where typical northern aperitivo is served: finger food, pizzas, cold cuts, pasta, appetizers…


3) Abitudini & Follie

Fabulous Aperitivo…Everything is fresh and delicious!


4) Grazia e Graziella

Very nice spot to have a drink and to enjoy a nice evening in the center of the Trastevere!

5) ‘Gusto

Great place to sit on the terrace. Nice spot for an aperitivo!


6) Salotto 42

A very classy & cool atmosphere in which aperitivo consists of mini sandwiches, tomato bruschetta, carrots & celery and dip!


7) Osteria delle Coppelle

Perfect location in the heart of Rome. Delicious food in a nice, relaxed though stylish Roman atmosphere.


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