Well, if you are in Rome there are some things required to do, such us visiting the Colosseum, taking pictures at the Trevi Fontaine and of course, eating an Ice Cream!

Gelatos are very important in the Italian gastronomy and correct me if I’m wrong but the best Ice Cream shops are located in Rome! So, follow my advice and taste one of the list that I post you bellow. You won’t regret it!

1) Giolitti 

Probably considered the best Gelateria in Rome!

 2) Grom

Try the Guatemalan Coffee with the Pistachio flavor! Both are amazing!


3) Gelateria dell’Angeletto

It has gluten free, as well vegan friendly flavors. Worth trying!

4) Gelarmony

Original and classy flavors, every taste you wish!


5) Neve di Latte

Excellent quality gelato! So many yummy flavors…


6) Fatamorgana

No added unnatural ingredients, exotic and gourmet flavors… Simply amazing!


7) Fassi 

Highly recommended….A legendary place in Rome!


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