I don’t know why but Italy has something on me! It”s a country that intrigues me. I don’t know if it’s because it’s old monuments, its narrow streets, its colors, it’s history…but it has something.   

Here I post you a list of Italian cities that really impressed me and which are not so well-known. Visit their streets, their city center, eat in their restaurants and discover (just like me) why they are worth going.

1) Naples

2) Siena

🇮🇹 #Siena 🇮🇹 Photo by: @gabdetails

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3) Florence

4) Bologna

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5) Verona

🎶 Ancora / Ghemon 🎶| #Verona and the elegance of these buildings along the river bank 🌊🏡 #neverstopexploring

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6) Turin

7) Rimini


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