Erasmus is that one thing that every single student should have the opportunity to live at least once. Studying in another country, in another language, with new people and having the liberty to do whatever you want. Enjoying your time abroad and traveling as much as you can.

There are some cities that are better than others to experience this big chapter of your life. Here I post you a top 7 cities to choose when applying to do your Erasmus programe. Be wise and make the best choice; it could be the time of your life.

1) Prague 

2) Budapest


3) Rome

4) Montpellier


5) Bologna 

Bologna | Repost @etlenoir ・・・ A Bologna view from (one of) the Two Towers; The great street you can see unraveling on the bottom right is via Rizzoli (that becomes via Ugo Bassi once overcome Piazza Maggiore), connecting this worthy square with the Two Towers. Then, in the middle of the photograph there is just Piazza Maggiore with Palazzo del Podestà (behind, almost attached, there is Palazzo Re Enzo), that raises itself right over the square. Just opposite to that you can find, obviously, the magnificent Basilica of San Petronio and on its left side you can see the Palazzo Comunale. And that was only the "center" city center 😂 You cannot catch all the charming and warm atmosphere of #Bologna if you do not go for a walk through the alleys right nearby Piazza Maggiore: swarming of people and filled up with scents of good cuisine. At the end, framing all this beauty, there is the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca. You can see that looking right on the upper left side of the photograph (yep, I know, it is not much bigger than a point… but conveys the idea, ain't it?). It is eased down on a hill and I assure that the view from up there is not less marvellous than here! ☺

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6) Granada


7) Manchester 

#MCRUK / Photo by @welcometotherave

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