If you are a brownie addicted and you live in New York City, this post is for you!  How many time have you craved for a tasty, crunchy brownie? How many!!

Check here my top 7 best brownies in NYC, and enjoy the best snack you could ever ask for! Yummy….

1) Erin McKenna’s Bakery

The #1 vegan and gluten free bake shop… Just amazing!

2) Glaser’s Bake Shop

Everything here is so delicious looking…and brownies are incredible tasty!

3) Baked

Every cookie, muffin, cake that a girl with a sweet tooth could ever want… and brownies rule it!


4)  Fat Witch Bakery

Some people considered them the best brownies in NYC!


5) Amy’s Bread

Delicious brownies and cookies! A place to go in NYC!

6) Buttermilk Bakeshop

You will be overwhelmed when you try those! Definitely they are worth it!


7) Sweet Corner Bake Shop  

The smell of freshly baked brownies makes you just crazy!


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