When you live in Paris, you never get bored. There is always something to do: a new exposition to go, another restaurant to try…There is always something! You will never be able to say: I did it all! But that’s probably one of the many charms of Paris, the wide variety of suggestions.

Today in this post, I want to write about 7 places that Bérengère, one of our ambassadrices, believes are the best restaurants in Paris. She has a well-known personal blog (http://lesacdemademoiselleb.com/) where she writes about beauty, travels & restaurants recommendations. Besides, she has been living in Paris for years now, so she knows the city pretty good. All of her suggestions are precised and well chosen for every single occasion. So, whenever you feel like tasting something new, check her list and discover by yourself why she consideres them the bests! 

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1) Ave Maria

Amazing food and fantastic atmosphere… highly recommended!


2) Gigi

Excellent Parisian crêpes… super cool place to go with your family!



3) Balls

Very tasty and delicious food… perfect for people who are looking for something new and different!



4) Monsieur Baba

Great choice for a Sunday brunch! Everything can ask for everything you want: eggs, fried potatoes, tea or coffee, orange juice, croissants…



5) Ober Mamma

Best Italian restaurant in Paris!


6) Le Campanella

Amazing location and perfect place for a Saturday lunch! Exquisite meals…


7) Les Niçois

Nice cute place where desserts are just incredibles! Yummy…


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