I think we all agree to the fact that rooftops are special. Yes, they are! They allow you to see the city from the sky, to see what happens underneath you.

Madrid is a beautiful place with old buildings and narrow streets by the city center. Imagine the possibility to see everything from the top while you are enjoying a good cocktail!

Check my list of the best 7 rooftops in Madrid!

1) Gourmet experience, Serrano

Don’t know where to go for a nice and different afterwork? This is the place! Amazing cheeses and cocktails!


2) Circulo de bellas Artes

Probably the coolest place to see Madrid from the roof!

3) Terraza de Correos, Cibeles

Spectacular view of the Cibeles Fontaine! Definitely a must in your list of things to do in Madrid!

4) Gymage

Trendy and fashion, this rooftop is very well known between the “Madrileños”.


5) The Roof, Plaza de Santa Ana

Beautiful place to grab a nice drink before going out! Lovely located!


6) La terraza del Hotel Oscar

Very stylish rooftop in central Madrid….another amazing picture of the city!


7) El jardín secreto de Salvador Bachiller, Montera

Probably one of the cutest place in the city! Perfect for a romantic date!


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