You are in NYC and you don’t feel like grabbing the typical greasy cheeseburger in a food truck! So where do you go? Do you feel like going somewhere different to taste & try something new?  Check this list! 

Here is a Top 7 restaurants in NYC where you’ll find trendy dishes and you’ll eat good food! Enjoy the coolest addresses! 


Buddakan is famous for being one of the filming locations of Sex and the City’s movie when Carrie Bradshaw had her rehearsal dinner. Furthermore, its well known for it’s lively atmosphere and delicious food.

2) Vandal

THE spot in NYC. Artwork and high society. Definitely the place to go at the moment.


3) Cipriani

The best Italian food in NYC!


4) Balthazar

Great food and a particularly energetic atmosphere. Highly recommend for its brunch on the weekends.

5) Freemans

Great place for a late night and one of the best pizza places in town!

6) Tartine

A nice little bistro in the middle of the west village very well known for its excellent brunch!


7) River Cafe

Classy, quality and tasty! Everything you need for the best Friday diner!


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