I know you all girls used to love the tv show Gossip Girl. I fact, so do I. I used to admire their social life, their houses, things they did and how the main female characters dressed.

I bet when you traveled to New York and you passed through one of the filming locations, you imagined Blair and Serena and you could even feel you where part of the plot.

Here I present you a list of the main filming locations of Gossip Girl so you can check how really the city looks alike.

1) The New York Palace 

One of the top Hotel in the Big Appel where Chuck and Serena used to live in the first season.


2) Columbia University

This is the College that was chosen by Blair and Nate. Late on the show, Serena decides to join them.


3) The Museum of The City of New York  

This place was used for exterior shots of the Constance Billiard School for Girls, the private and elitist High school.


4) Synod of Bishops Russian Orthodox Church 

The Church was instead chosen to be the filming location for St. Jude School for Boys. 


5) Central Park

This scenery is one of the emblematic symbols of the City and usually characters are filmed running or walking thought the park.


6) Grand Central Terminal

The Train Station was chosen to be the first location where Serena appears in the first episode.


7) Metropolitan Museums of Art.

So many scenes where filmed in the famous “MET Steps” where Blair and her Girls used to sit.


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