If you liked my previous post of ” Gossip Girl filming location in NY”, you will definitely like this one.

The first two chapters of the four season’s show were filmed in Paris and both Leighton Meester and Blake Lively traveled to the city to shoot the episodes. They walked across Paris as real Parisians for 10 days and showed us in those two chapters how the City of Light is one of the most amazing ones in the world.

Discover the filming location of the show while the actresses were in town and the places they went to.

Spotted: B and S. Chic and cheerful up on Boulevard Hausmann. They dallied at department stores and stayed awhile at Tally Weijl. Down on Rue Saint-Honoré they courted couture at Palais Royale. And found the perfect outfits to bas&sh the competition. Then they headed to the Golden Triangle. Where Montaigne meets Georges V. And luxury goods are the opiate of choice.  – Gossip Girl quote

1) Musée D’Orsay

Blair admires Monet’s painting, Le déjeuner sur l’herbe, while she first meets Louis.

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2) Le Baron Rouge

Where Chuck is working while he is living in Paris with Eva.

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3) La Gare du Nord

Where Chuck and Blair are finally reunited at the end of the chapter.

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4) Musée Baccarat

Blair and Serena double date in the Cristal Room at Baccarat, a museum that showcases works of art made of crystal.

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5) Chez Julien

Blair and Serena greeted each other in front of this restaurant.

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6) Café Louis Philippe

Where the girls had their regular afternoon aperitif spot.



Where Serene enjoys a good night in Paris.

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8) Cafe de Flore

Where B & S couldn’t resist to drink a hot chocolate.


9)  La Rôtisserie Du Beaujolais

Blair Woldorf’s favorire restaurant in paris.

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