We all have a kid inside us who makes us want to travel in time and be young again. Even though we’re now grownups, there are still places where  we can be one more time this crazy little child who used to play and have fun. Those places are called amusement parks, or in other words, children’s paradises.

Check this top 7 amusement parks all over the world and feel free to give me your opinion about the selection!

1) Universal studios Hollywood

You feel just like you are inside a movie….Really worth doing!

2) Disney Land Paris

Once upon a team…Just like when we were children! Discover the magic of this amazing place!

3) Europa-Park, Germany

Probably the biggest amusement park in Europe!

4) Busch Gardens Tampa, Florida

Really cool attractions! A must if you go to Florida!


5) Beto Carrero World, Brazil

Perfect place to spend a day with family… fun and beautiful decorated with lagoons and lots of trees.


6) Port Aventura World, Spain

Don’t forget to ride the Dragon Khan attraction…It’s the best one!


7) Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Very beautiful scenery…and super fun attractions by the city center!


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