As I guess everyone knows by now, the UK won’t be in the UE anymore. This means that from now on, to enter to the United Kingdom won’t be so easy and to visit its beautiful cities won’t be as possible as it used to be. 

But since this news has created a big shock in the world, I decided to take it with a little bit of humor and to write an article about it.

So here is my contribution to the matter: A list of top restaurants that won’t be anymore in the UE!

1) The five fields, London

Perfect place for a fabulous evening. There is so much more to dining than just the food – ambience, service, presentation.

2) Aizle, Edinburgh

Fresh new tastes well- balanced and superbly presented. Wonderful place!

3) Bella vita, Glasgow

Lovely little restaurant for a fantastic dinning experience!

4) Bar San Juan, Manchester

The best Spanish restaurant in town! Great tapas. Recommended: beef cheeks, dates in bacon!

5) Wrapchic, Birmingham

Full of flavour, food is excellent and well prepared!

6) The Art school, Liverpool

A fantastic restaurant serving delicious dishes with a very beautifully trained staff!

7) Humpit, Leeds

Large portion of pitta filled with hummus and coleslaw, and a lemon and ginger tea made with hot water! That’s a perfect lunch!


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