Hello everyone! 

I guess you all have heard at least once in your life about the amazing trip called Interrail. For those who haven’t, let me introduce you briefly to this unique european tour you do with you best friends usually at the age of 18, once you are done with high school.  It’s an incredible adventure where you visit many countries in a short period of time, where you don’t eat healthy food and where surely you don’t sleep a lot. But where you probably will live the best nights of your teens. 

Today I want to talk to you about THE NIGHTCLUBS & BARS you should go when you are doing the Interrail.

Mostly, everyone who travels, begins the trip in Amsterdam. I would recommend you all to start your first night by drinking some cocktails at Prime’s and then go dancing to the Escape Club. Both of them are located in Rembrandtplein.



Then, after a couple of days in Amsterdam, you’ll definitely go to Berlin. Germany’s capital is one of the most touristic cities which has a big variety of bars and nightclubs. Weekend and Fritz are a good option for a Wednesday or a Thursday night. But if you are really looking forward to going to a big nightclub, Matrix is a must in your list.



Next stop would be my favorite: Prague. This city is very beautiful and it’s night life is crazy. Go to Karlovy, the most famous nightclub in Prague. The building has 5 floors which several kinds of music and an Ice bar inside.


Vienna goes after. For many of the travelers, this city just means a well merited pause to relax from the exhausting previous cities. But for those who are still looking for places to party, I have some recommendations . Prater Sauna and Prater Dome are two famous nightclubs in Vienna as well as Flex. Passage would be too a good option for a Friday night.



Here is where usually trips start to differ. Some groups decide to go to Italy and Greece while others continue to Budapest and Croatia.

If you are into the first option, you should definitely go to Rimini and spend a whole night in Baia Imperiale. But what really makes a difference in the whole trip is the last stop in Greece. For almost everyone Ios is what they most enjoyed and where they have the best memories. Far out would be THE PLACE you’ll most remember from the trip.



However, if you decide to go to Budapest, you’ll find as well amazing places to have fun. Discover Instant, a bit particular club but as cool as the others. And then Croatia, the east version of Greece. Hula Hula, a beach bar in Hvar ( a exotic Croatian island) would be the best way to start your evening and Carpe Diem (the best nightclub of the island) to conclude it.



Then before coming back home, make a quick stop in Split to spend one last night in Club Bacvice, a beach nightclub just above the sea.


What I like the most about those places is that you’ll find people just like you. People who are traveling and discovering new cities and new places, and want to make the most of it.

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